About Our Shop


Unparalleled Style.

Ivywood Lane Boutique is an online clothing and accessories boutique that was launched in April 2017. It was founded by a single mother who sought to make a change in society in the way women are perceived. We are not sex objects but instead daughters, mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, and women in corporate America who have the power to change the perception of us because we deserve so much more. 

I'm sure you've noticed that the trends have taken a drastic change, sometimes for the worse. As the owner of Ivywood Lane Boutique, I, like so many other women, struggled with finding clothing that was trendy yet ensure that I was comfortable in what I was wearing. 

 Ivywood Lane Boutique's main purpose is to empower and inspire women with fashion forward clothing and accessories for life's most valuable moments. Afterall, when you look good, you feel good; Right?!? 

Confidence is built inside out and I want to help show your confidence outwardly with one outfit at a time.

Drop me an email letting me know your thoughts on the pieces of clothes and accessories. 


- Andrea Jackson, Founder and CEO